Author: Cody Libolt

How to Give a Perfect Answer

How do you give a perfect answer? The tongue of the righteous is choice silver; The heart of the wicked is of little worth. -Proverbs 10:20 How do you communicate wisely? Especially when writing online in a blog or on social media? The perfect answer is not some “end-all” retort. The perfect answer is the mature […]

Speaking Out Like John Galt

One of the best lines in literature is “This is John Galt Speaking.” The moment comes at the climax of Atlas Shrugged. Read it. What follows is my own John Galt moment. If I had a stage, this is what I would say. As John Galt did, I would tell you who I am and […]

You’re a Legalist If You Draw a Clear Moral Line?

In the Gospels we see Jesus drawing one clear moral line after another. But today we are told it is the legalist or the Pharisee who draws moral lines. Thus, when pastors release the Nashville Statement or similar statements of belief, the accusers salivate. The wolves descend. “How dare you agree with Scripture.” “It’s [the current year]!” “How un-Christlike.” […]