One of the best lines in literature is “This is John Galt Speaking.”

The moment comes at the climax of Atlas Shrugged. Read it.

What follows is my own John Galt moment. If I had a stage, this is what I would say. As John Galt did, I would tell you who I am and what I stand for.

Just as with Galt, the ultimate point is not to know who I am. It’s to find out who you are.

If you are reading this, you are someone special (in my opinion). You are one of the people I’ve been looking for: thoughtful, principled Christians who see the dangers facing our church and society today—and who are not willing to be silent.

If a Watchman Sees the Sword Come…

Ezekiel 33 tells us if we see a coming disaster and do not warn our people, we fail our responsibility. We are blameworthy. How often do we think about that kind of thing?

I’ve read my Bible. I know you have too. I could not live with myself if I were to pretend I don’t understand the times and what is to be done about the dangers that face us. Not when I know where the answers are and where safety is to be found.

Face up to it: We cannot afford to be silent.

You need to be speaking out, writing, and communicating. I want to see you impact thousands of people and surpass anything I can do.

I will be there to help you. And I hope, like my heroes of fiction, to give you some of the words you will need, for the time when you will need them.

That’s the role I could have in your story. Just someone asking questions and suggesting options. Helping you take the truth you already know and put it into words.

That’s why I’m writing here as well as at For the New Christian Intellectual.

New directions for me

During my years as a school teacher and a church music minister I had the chance to interact with hundreds of wonderful people. I was able to share what I care about and hopefully give people a higher vision of what matters most.

But in those settings I was not always able to go deeper with those people I most care to influence: people who are themselves ready to become communicators. Do you want to have the most impact? Influence those who can be influenced. And influence future influencers.

The online environment makes that dream possible.

We have the tools to intentionally connect with people based on specific passions.

  • Theology
  • Politics
  • Apologetics
  • Philosophy
  • (Name your topic of interest)

Locally it is not always easy to find people with a deep interest in such topics. But online you can find 1,000 people interested in exactly one topic or another. When you have something to say, you can say it to those who will give it real consideration.

Moreover, these online connections do not have to stay “virtual.” While virtual friendships start out being fairly anonymous, they don’t have to stay that way. Some of my best friends were people I originally met through Facebook. Now we are connecting by Skype, email, text message, and—most importantly—in person.

My online work has given me the chance to talk with several of my top personal heroes. Some I talked with by phone. One I joined on a radio program. Several I had as guests on my podcast. My writing and podcasting opened those doors.

Speaking out can be fun. And you are doing work that matters.

Why, if you can point people to the truth, would you ignore all these tools that have been laid at your feet?

You do have the ability to speak out and to find people who want to hear you and help spread your message.

Stop doubting.

You can do what I’m doing. If it means reaching out to strangers, all the better. Find and invest in strategic friendships that matter most to your goals and values. You are not limited to trying to find a community; you can create one.

Why wouldn’t you be doing so? Truth exists. The tools exist. Can you be silent?

You may need a reminder of what you already know: Truth matters. Ideas matter. Ideas change us. And ideas change the world. Therefore, by all means, we should be bringing true ideas to the world.

Remember Paul’s advice.

“Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.” (1 Timothy 4:16).

Can your ideas help people? Only if you make that connection.

My goal is to help you know who you are.

  • You are salt and light in the world.
  • You are a watchman.
  • You are a messenger.

And yes, you do have a message.

So ask yourself a question: What would happen if you were brave?