Hi, I’m Cody Libolt. I’ve been blogging here since 2014.

Are you “burdened”?

I am.

I’m really concerned about what’s happening in the world. Especially in our churches and in culture more broadly.

I’m concerned about the fracturing of the things I care about: churches, families, and society. I take the Bible seriously and I’m looking for ways to be the “salt and the light” in the world.

Does that describe you too?

The best thing we can do to have a good impact on others is to be intentional messengers of the truth.

My goal for this blog to encourage you in your faith—and also to encourage you to speak out about your faith and your values.

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Blogging Community

Since 2015 I have managed a blog network called Reason in View. It is composed of five authors who discuss mind and motivation from a Christian perspective.


You can find me online at:


My Books:

My first book Social Justice and Scripture will be available soon. A course on the material is already available here.


Recently I have also completed an extensive study on the conceptual passages of Scripture. The result is several unique resources—collections of the most important passages on the following topics:

  • Truth and Evidence
  • Goodness and Value
  • Righteousness and Virtue
  • Justice and Judgment

They are available for free, here:

Reason and Faith in the Gospels 2D copy

More About Cody

I live in Ashland, OR. I was saved at a young age when I prayed the sinner’s prayer and trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I’m a Southern Baptist, and I believe whole-heartedly in the Baptist Faith and Message. I have a master’s degree in Worship Leadership from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In my free time I enjoy reading, writing songs, playing tennis, and exploring Ashland with my amazing wife and two young kids.

You can contact me via email or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

About the Gospel

While I’m writing specifically to Christians, it’s important to tell the gospel here at my site. I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I set up a special gospel resource page.

It’s not boiler-plate text, and it’s not only something designed for an unbeliever. I wrote the page mainly for a Christian reader.

The better our answer to “What is the gospel?”—the better Christians we will be. Check it out at What Is Christianity?