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Do I Have to Go to Church?

People search this question on Google about 30 times a week…  If you’re one of those 30 people, this post is for you! If you’re at church 3-4 times each week, you’ll also benefit from what I have to say. You’re probably wondering how to help other people become more consistent, and this post applies.

Learn to Pray Like Daniel

Which Bible heroes never failed? Daniel stands out. Not once does the Bible record him committing an error or sin. No man was perfect except Jesus, but Daniel is a rare treasure among the faithful heroes. The key to Daniel’s success was his committed reliance on the Lord, especially as seen through his consistent prayer life. […]

God Is There

Is God present with you?  As you cook?  As you drive?  As you work? I was sixteen when I first read Practicing His Presence. The book tells of a simple mindset shift that comes when a Christian takes seriously the presence of the Holy Spirit.

A Better Prayer Life

I don’t feel like praying. I almost never do. This used to slow me down, but here are some principles that have greatly helped. Why don’t I feel like praying? I have an aversion to changes of context. If I’m doing chores around the house, I want to keep doing them. If I’m reading or typing […]