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Thanks Obama.

After our move my wife has been working to get us a new health insurance plan. After 3 months of phone calls and paperwork, we just found out the company thinks our “case is closed.” We have no idea why. So… We’re starting over and it’s going to take several more months. Yikes. Our two […]

The Human Right that Doesn’t Exist

This article is from Sean Edwards, who blogs here. Thanks for allowing me to re-post your outstanding article! Around the world people believe healthcare is a human right. There are advocacy groups that believe every person has the right to direct access to modern medicine. This is one of the most noble goals we as […]

As You Consider Socialism

Socialism in Scripture? For more than one hundred years, the people of the United States have faced the choice of socialism versus freedom. Generally, the people have spoken out for freedom and individual rights. Politicians have affirmed these values while campaigning, but not while legislating. As Christians in America consider socialism, they are sometimes told about “welfare” in […]