20 Truths about Taking Massive Action

One of the best productivity hacks is simply this: Commit to take Massive Action today. Massive Action means “I commit to finish now.” It’s when you take 3-4 hours or a whole day and focus on completing just ONE single goal.

Massive Action creates turning points in life.

Think back to your major turning points — the times your life took a big change for the better.

  • You went out and found a new job — and committed to it.
  • You started a new relationship and went all-in.
  • You decided to start taking your health and your exercise seriously.
  • You made something, built something, or wrote a song, an essay, or a book.

Massive Action is a choice.

It’s exactly the choice you need if you’re going to stop planning and start moving forward.

I want to offer 20 truths about Massive Action. Points to ponder.

But don’t ponder too long. Think about what Massive Action could do for you, and then BEGIN.

20 Truths about Massive Action

1. Massive action is when you stop everything and decide you’re going to make a big change today.

2. Massive Action leads to real turning points, change, and lasting progress.

3. Massive Action means working really hard on ONE thing right now, for a short burst. It means devoting the next 3 hours (or days, or whatever) to just getting this ONE thing done.

4. Massive Action creates the momentum you need to overcome the resistance, to get started, and to get finished.

5. Massive Action is much better than hope deferred — than saying I’ll get it done someday or I’ll chip away at it, but I don’t really know when it will get done.

6. Massive Action lets you build massive enthusiasm, and you finally get that long continuous stretch of full focus on the thing you care so much about.

7. Massive Action means you can finally be at your most efficient (and happy) because you are fully absorbed in a single task.

8. Massive Action is something your soul needs.

9. Massive Action often beats incremental action, and sometimes it’s the only way to move forward.

10. Massive Action makes work fun again. It gets you out of stagnation, gives the joy of progress, and lets your feel your work is worthwhile.

11. Massive Action is massively efficient because it lets you get past the interruptions and delays.

12. Massive Action takes out the stopping and starting, and it even bypasses some of the need for preparation, research, and planning.

13. Massive Action puts you in a place to stop learning and start doing. And you’ll end up learning more this way anyway!

14. Massive Action is the quickest way to find out whether an idea is any good — and whether you know how to do it.

15. Massive Action frees you from worrying about exactly how much time you’ll have and how much time you’ll need. You’re going to get the thing done.

16. Massive Action keeps your vision clear because you don’t drift from day to day changing your plans.

17. Massive Action lets you do your best work at the best time — when your goal is freshest on your mind and your heart is most in it.

18. Massive Action requires a big push now, and it yields huge passive benefits later.

19. Massive action may just be all that’s standing between you and that next big success.

20. Massive Action is not for wimps.

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