Author: Cody Libolt

God Saw That It Was Good.

What did God mean when he looked at his creation and “saw that it was good”? If you asked ten Christians you might get ten answers! As Christians, we need to take a deeper look at the important concept of “goodness.” Genesis 1-2 is a logical starting point. In these chapters we find the word […]

Understanding and Then Faith

Imagine that the Apostle John approached you and said, “Believe in Jesus. Later I will tell you who he was and what he did.” What would be the content of your belief? Faith must be in something. A level of understanding precedes faith. Faith then opens the door for greater understanding. A famous 20th Century […]

John Locke on Faith

First Comment! Hooray for my first reader comment! I want to encourage interaction at my blog, so I’ll reproduce the comment and my response:   A friend asked: “What does ‘faith’ mean in this context? To come later?” He wanted to know what I mean by faith. I wrote back: “Here faith means trusting God. […]