It’s a tall claim to say that the Bible supports laissez faire capitalism. Important (even conservative) Christian voices would reject the idea. But it’s the claim I’m making. Over the next several posts I’ll support it.

Here are some points I plan to cover:

1) What’s my exact position on government?

I want to get my own view out in the open right away so you know where I’m headed. I want to spare you having to mentally play out a counter-argument to a point that I’m not even arguing.

2) How can I show the position is biblical?

Scripture doesn’t use the terms “capitalism” or “socialism.” Do specific passages support laissez faire capitalism?

3) Why and how much does this discussion matter?

Do faithful, biblical Christians even disagree about this topic? If so, why do they disagree? What will it take to help them agree? Is it worth the effort? Finally, why does this topic belong on a worship leader’s blog, which is supposed to be about “learning to see God’s goodness?”

In this series:

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