Platform-Building Pt. 4: Ten Principles

I recently spent some time reflecting on my platform-building routine. I looked at what was going well and not so well.

I found 10 helpful principles:

1. What gets written down gets done.

2. What gets scheduled on my calendar gets done.

3. I am managing not only my time, but my mental focus and motivation.

4. If I find ways to make a task feel rewarding, I will get it done.

5. I should not work on low priority items if higher priority ones are not done.

6. I should spend more time creating than evaluating.

7. I should ask help from others all the time, and I should go all out to invest in them too.

8. I should cultivate a system for saving old conversations and notes and knowing how to find them.

9. I can be more efficient by batching my processes.

  • Check email less frequently, and use folders to collect “things to read later,” “receipts,” etc.
  • Write blog posts in groups.

10. Whenever possible, re-purpose my work.

(This blog post is an instance of that.)

  • For blog topics chose something I already have written about or had a good conversation about.
  • Tweet whenever I learn something awesome.
  • Re-post only articles I’m personally interested in and have actually read.
  • Recycle material that gets a lot of reaction in social media.


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