“4 Ways to Be Mature on Social Media”

The tongue of the righteous is choice silver;
The heart of the wicked is of little worth.”
-Proverbs 10:20

How do you give a perfect answer?

An answer that is right and worthy? This 5-part series explores how to communicate wisely on social media.

The perfect answer is not the end-all retort. The perfect answer is the mature answer.

So our basic question is: “How can I be more mature when I talk to people online?” If you’ve ever discussed ideas on a Facebook you’ll know why this is important and why it is difficult.

To speak well on a forum is a special, learnable skill.

Before you can learn it, you must want it. You must admit you don’t have it all together. It is too easy to say something in the moment and to think it is “choice silver” and to realize later that it rings of tin.

The solution:

Chose principles to follow. Chose the principles carefully, and follow them even when you feel like breaking them. Put careful thought into your principles ahead of time while you are most clearheaded, and then stick with them in the moment of decision. Keep in mind: the moment you feel like breaking your principle is probably not your best time to be reconsidering your principles.

We learn what maturity and immaturity look like by trial and error. I myself have made (or at least considered making) every mistake here. And I’ve seen other people do the same more than once. You may not agree with all the principles I’ve chosen, but the point is to think through your own principles ahead of time. This will help you do so.

Here’s the summary:

Q: How can I be more mature when I talk to people online?
A: Don’t make it Personal, Painful, Demanding, or Rude.

The next four posts will go into detail.


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