I love a good book.

I am in love with the Bible most, and I hope you are too. Here are 52 other books I’m in love with. These have impacted me so positively that I have been known to buy them for people. May 2015 be a great year of reading for you!

Made to Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath
Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, by Michael Hyatt
Tools For Teaching, by Fred Jones
Study Methods and Motivation, by Edwin Locke
Unfolding the Napkin, by Dan Roam

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, by Cecil Scott Forester
Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand
The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand
Shane, by Jack Shaefer

The Free Market Revolution, by Yaron Brook
Logical Induction in Physics, by David Harriman
Economics in One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt
Nothing Less than Victory, by John David Lewis
The DIM Hypothesis, by Leonard Peikoff
The Ominous Parallels, by Leonard Peikoff
The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, by Ayn Rand
How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes, by Peter Schiff
Neoconservatism, by C. Bradley Thompson
Rooseveltcare, by Don Watkins

Objectivism In One Lesson, by Andrew Bernstein
Loving Life, by Craig Biddle
The Ayn Rand Lexicon, ed. Harry Binswanger
Clash of Titans: Atlas Shrugged, John Galt, and Jesus Christ, by Chad Brand
On Ayn Rand, by Allan Gotthelf
The Soul of Atlas, by Mark David Henderson
The Story of Thought, by Bryan Magee
Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, by Leonard Peikoff
The Voice of Reason, ed. Leonard Peikoff
Desiring God, by John Piper
Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, by Ayn Rand

Heaven, by Randy Alcorn
The Purity Principle, by Randy Alcorn
Leadership and Self-Deception, by the Arbinger Institute
A Call to Spiritual Reformation, by Don Carson
Joshua: No Falling Words, by Dale Ralph Davis
The Deliberate Church, by Mark Dever
Worship Matters, by Bob Kauflin
The Beginner’s Bible, by Zondervan
The Action Bible, by Doug Mauss
Classical Apologetics, by R.C. Sproul
Brothers We Are Not Professionals, by John Piper
Don’t Waste Your Life, by John Piper
Think, by John Piper
40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible, by Robert Plummer
Trained in the Fear of God, by Randy Stinson
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, by Donald Whitney

A Rhythmic Vocabulary, by Alan Dworsky
The Structure of Music, by Robert Erickson
Design Basics Index, by Jim Krause
The Anatomy of Hymnody, by Austin Lovelace
The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults, by James McKinney
The Romantic Manifesto, by Ayn Rand