Christian Rand Fan?

I went looking for Christian fans of Ayn Rand. Here are the results of my search.

If your interests are similar to mine, these lists could save you a lot of time. My search answers the question:

Is belief in Jesus compatible with conservative or libertarian political ideas?

I found only a handful of Christians who were enthusiastic about Rand’s ideas. You can find us here.

I’ve noticed many Christian writers denouncing Rand and any attempt at a political coalition between the Tea Party conservatives and the fans or devotees of Rand.

My guess is that most Christians (even most Christian leaders or pastors) have not heard of Rand. Of those who have heard of her, I think 95% have strong dislike of her, but only rarely is their opinion formed from actually reading her.

Meanwhile, mainstream Christianity is moving toward more overt socialism/collectivism politically.

But social media has allowed the Tea Party or libertarian Christians to gain somewhat of an audience. Though the base is still small, there are many more Christians thinking clearly about liberty and rights today than at any time in the past century.

As a Christian Rand fan myself, I hope to speak to Christians about the need to take Rand’s ideas seriously. Though Christians will not agree with all the answers Rand offered, we will be better off when we begin to ask the questions she asked.

A few voices take my own position: that Rand’s ethical system of rational self-interest is mostly compatible with Scripture:

John Piper:

Walter Hudson:

Sean Edwards:

Jacob Brunton:

Eric Hybner:

Dwight Longenecker:

Jesi E:

Brandon Hansen:

Sasha Libolt (my amazing wife):

Cody Libolt (myself):


Other writers believe there is common ground at least in politics:

Chad Brand:

Mark Henderson:

David Brat:

Katie Kieffer:

Hunter Baker:

Values and Capitalism:

Kenn Cramer:


The vast majority of writers held that we have little or no common ground in ethics or politics:

(You may judge for yourself whether the arguments are of any value. I do not endorse them in the slightest, but I offer them as a resource for understanding the ideological landscape.)–the_united_states_of_ayn_rand