In this blog I advocate the principle that “if we will live,” we must choose to value our own lives, our reason, and our faith. I seek to reproduce my philosophical convictions in other people. For the sake of clarity, I’ve created an outline of my system. This and future posts will expound my system.

A philosophical system must answer three basic kinds of questions: What kind of world is it? Why am I able to know it? How will I act? The central tenets of my philosophy are epistemological objectivism and a Christian morality of rational self-interest.

I arrive at my philosophy by logical induction; this is the process by which we all attain knowledge. From logical induction we discover the nature of the world, of reason, of morality, and of God.

I will outline my philosophy, moving from metaphysics, to epistemology, to ethics. I must acknowledge my great intellectual debt to Ayn Rand. I accept all her philosophical categories and definitions. I differentiate my philosophy from hers only at the hierarchically late point of the question of God’s existence. I conclude that he does exist. I follow Rand’s inductive method; but different observed data leads to a different conclusion, and thus to a different worldview. Since I accept Rand’s method, but not her worldview, I call my system of thought “Inductionism.”