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Do you want to connect?

Here are seven ways to learn about what I can offer, in order of smallest to greatest level of commitment.

  1. Search my site. I have written over 100 blog posts on this site. I’ve touched on many topics, including church leadership, worship, evidence and faith, thinking methods, understanding Scripture, God’s goodness, Christian motivation, activism and politics, and building an online platform. I also have free videos. The easiest way to find everything is with the category menu at the homepage, or the archives.
  2. Subscribe to my updates. I currently publish one new blog post each week. By subscribing, you’ll get my latest articles delivered straight to your inbox. Learn more …
  3. Check out one of my products. Currently the products are all in development, which means they are free. You can find all my products at my Store.
  4. Join Reason in View. This is my blogging network, a group of writers interested in the role of mind and motive in Christian life. Learn more…
  5. Book me as a speaker. I love to engage people on the topics I’m most passionate about. That would include anything I’ve written on at this blog. My six years of experience as a teacher and worship leader and my degrees in both of these areas have equipped me to present a compelling message. If you have an event you would like me to consider, please visit my speaking page and then e-mail me.
  6. Join my mastermind group. I lead a mastermind group for a handful of bloggers. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please e-mail me.
  7. Hire me as a personal coach. I love one-on-one coaching. If you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction please e-mail me.

If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, feel free to e-mail me. I would be happy to talk with you.