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A Flowchart of Self-Interest

Why do you follow God? At foundation, the proper motivation is self-interest. Many don’t want to believe this. How do you convince them? Keep asking “why?”  If there is an answer at all to the question of “why?” it must be a reason and it must be a reason for that person. If you can […]

Something Evil from the Mouth of God?

Do you ever wonder about God and evil? The problem of evil? How do we really know that God is good, and what does the Bible even mean, “God is good?” Upstairs in a cozy corner of the church, my youth pastor put down his guitar and asked a question: “What are you reading in the Bible? […]

Rational Self-Interest and the Worship of God

I advocate an unusual approach to these topics based what I see as a foundational principle in Scripture: Holy Self-Interest. The principle says: “It is always in your rational self-interest to do the right thing.” Rightly understood, self-interest and morality are inseparable. The right thing is the right thing because it leads to your own […]