Dear pastors, These topics are too important to skip! In the last 50 weeks, have you preached these 50 crucial topics?

Please don’t go a year without telling your people what they need to know about each one. Any of the following could be a full sermon, or multiple sermons, but these topics can and should appear more frequently than that.

Even when they are not the main theme of the sermon, these key points should find their way into many sermons.


  1. What is the gospel?
  2. As a longtime believer, how do I still need the gospel?
  3. How did Jesus live his life?
  4. What happened on Good Friday?
  5. What happened on Easter Sunday?
  6. Will Christ return?
  7. Who is saved?
  8. What is it to live in sin?
  9. If I live in sin, am I saved?
  10. Why is cheap grace a heresy?
  11. What is faith?
  12. What is holiness?
  13. What is heaven?
  14. What are hell and judgment?
  15. What is the evidence for Christianity?
  16. What is election?
  17. What happened at creation?
  18. Did miracles really happen?
  19. What about modern miracles?
  20. Does God know the future?
  21. What is inerrancy?
  22. How are the Old and New Testaments connected?
  23. What are the Ten Commandments?
  24. What is the story of the nation of Israel?
  25. What is the story of Christianity over the last 2000 years?
  26. What is the church?
  27. What is church discipline?
  28. Should I give money to the church?
  29. Why do we follow God?
  30. Why do we worship as we do?
  31. What are false churches?
  32. How does a church know it is in God’s will?
  33. What is church unity?
  34. What is mission?
  35. What is evangelism?
  36. What is baptism?
  37. What is godly preaching?
  38. How do I study Scripture?
  39. What is marriage?
  40. How do I lead my family?
  41. How do I disciple and minister to others?
  42. What do I need to know about forgiveness?
  43. What do I need to know about sanctification?
  44. What do I need to know about repentance?
  45. What do I need to know about temptation?
  46. What do I need to know about prayer?
  47. Why is abortion wrong?
  48. What is love, according to Scripture?
  49. What is sexual purity?
  50. What is the kingdom of God?