Communication Style

This blog is called If We Will Live. The tone is one of optimism and sincerity—for if we will live, we must choose to identify the path.

A few words on my style and intentions: I believe the words I write. I take a tone of certainty that comes from having logically integrated my own views into a coherent, reality-based whole. Since my purpose involves changing and teaching the reader, I plan to write on challenging and controversial topics. Guaranteed, my ideas will lead to disagreements.

When I argue I take an earnest tone and I assume the best about others. When needed, I will state my moral evaluation of an idea. But within this blog I do not find it advisable to pass moral judgment on others. I will not try to shame others or be harsh. I will assume that readers seek edification and partnership in learning.

So, if you disagree with my view, I will ask you the following: decide whether you and I can disagree constructively. If so, I would love to correspond by email, or even to include your thoughts on my blog. Please write to me if:

1) You care about my cause and want to support it.

2) You believe you can help me communicate my principles more effectively.

3) You want to learn more about my principles.