Hello, and thank you for reading.

I’m Cody Libolt. I’m a worship leader, a music teacher, and a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. At this blog I explore questions about Christian Life, Reason, and Faith.

Cody and Sasha

I advocate an unusual approach to these topics based what I see as a foundational principle in Scripture: Holy Self-Interest.

The principle says:

“It is always in your self-interest to do the right thing.”

Rightly understood, self-interest and morality are inseparable. The right thing is the right thing because it leads to your own self-interest.

Should Christians seek their self-interest? Is it helpful? I want you to ask these kinds of questions. I want you to take a hard look at what motivates us to obey God.

I’m Worshiping God out of self-interest.

Yes. I believe self-interest is the only proper motivation to worship God, because it is the only proper motivation to do anything. This is a tall claim. Read on, and I will work to demonstrate it.

I write to redeem the idea of self-interest in your eyes.

I write to convince you that if we will liveproperly, fully—we need a new perspective on self-interest. And I write to show that this new perspective is not really new at all. God’s people through the ages have looked to his promises and considered him as their means to self-interest.

I want to influence Christian intellectual leaders. If you are a Christian writer or thinker, I’d love to hear from you. Please connect with me by email at here.