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The Badge of the Free Man

Right to life

What is this symbol?

The Jews of Nazi Germany were made to wear a yellow Star of David. It said “Jude” (Jew). It was a badge of shame, identifying them and singling them out as being lesser citizens unworthy of rights. It was a foreshadowing of the Holocaust.

When we deny the rights of man and take away the principle of his freedom, we are not far from a Second Holocaust. It is coming and it is already here. As evidence:

1. The Right to Life Is Systematically Denied to Unborn Children
Over 50 million babies have been aborted in America since 1973. The majority of these abortions have been financed by the government.

2. The Right to Property Is Systematically Denied
Fascism and Socialism are on the rise in the United States. Both ideologies have this much in common: state officials hold the power of life and death, production and confiscation, freedom and slavery over their citizens. Such power comes in the form of restriction and regulation of business, socialization of medicine, the progressive income tax, and an entitlement state committed to redistributing (and thereby controlling) the property of others.

3. The Freedom of Speech Is in Great Danger
America’s President and his cabinet denounce Americans who speak out about the danger of Islamic terrorism. Even the labeling of terrorism as “Islamic” is widely considered unacceptable. The Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, plans to prosecute those who speak out against Islam if such words provoke Muslims to violent action.

4. The Right to Bear Arms Is in Great Danger
Now more than ever, Americans are denied the right to own and carry weapons needed for self-defense.

The Second Holocaust is put before our eyes on a daily basis. It is real and it is growing. Therefore I display the yellow badge. American society may one day silence, control, subjugate, or kill me. Until that time, I choose to give a name what is happening. It is the Second Holocaust, and it must be stopped.

I stand for America’s founding principles: that the individual has the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. I reject society’s grasp upon my life or the life of any person. Each of the following items are morally wrong, and it is the purpose of just law to protect against them:

-Government violations of the Bill of Rights
-Restrictions on free trade
-Abortion of human life in any circumstance
-Socialism and entitlement programs
-Progressive taxation

These items are wrong because they are incompatible with rational human life. Therefore, I morally condemn any person or government which promotes them. I call all Americans to publicly join me in doing the same.

As circumstances permit, and at my discretion, I will favor likeminded people in my personal friendships and my business dealings. In so doing, I will use my own influence to marginalize and diminish the anti-life ideology that has come to dominate our society.

To show my commitment to America’s founding principles, I display the Badge of the Free Man. By showing this symbol, Americans may recognize one another and they may work together to spread this desperately needed message:

The individual has the right to live free from society’s grasp.

I plead with you to reproduce this symbol and this message. It is right. It is needed. Now is the time to speak outif we will live.


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