Economics in One Lesson

This fun, pithy book explains a key principle of economics: in order to understand how an action affects an economy you must look at all (not some) of the consequences. Government interventions usually bring some immediately visible benefits, and many later, less visible drawbacks. Definitely check out this book.


The Romantic Manifesto

Finally, a true guide to aesthetics. The fascinating field deserves a book like this. The Romantic Manifesto explains the role of art in human existence and ties it to man’s need to integrate his worldview as a concrete. It explains why art is an objective need in man’s life. It explains what makes art work (or not work). This book is a must-read for writers, musicians, painters, and filmmakers.

The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults

This is the best of many books I read on vocal pedagogy. It breaks down the concepts clearly and quickly. Every church singer should get a copy and learn it. I think it’s as valuable as voice lessons.

The Anatomy of Hymnody

This book has all the basics about creating poetic verse suitable for hymns. It explains the meters and the device of combining sounds and concepts to fit well with each other, with the theme of a song, and with the melody. Song writers looking to grow, this is the first book you need.

Design Basics Index

I’m a novice to graphic design and my wife is the expert. She considers this the best guide. When I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. I read the whole thing in a day. If you need to set up an ad, logo, poster, or book cover you should read this book first. Even if you are paying someone else to do your designing, read this book so you can hone your understanding of quality.