The Badge of the Free Man

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What is this symbol?

I’ve created it as something to show at my blog and something to encourage others to show. I believe a Second Holocaust is coming and has already arrived in the United States. In my life there are few things I consider more important than this issue. An important part of my life’s work is to speak out for freedom and to educate others about the importance of the individual’s right to his own life.

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Get a FREE Copy of Quest Before the Flood

Jerry Corbaley, my good friend and author of The Most Excellent Way, has written a great new fiction series.


There’s no other book like this. As you can tell by the name, Quest Before the Flood, it’s an adventure set in the time between Adam and Noah. 

Imagine a time when earth was a prehistoric paradise, open for mankind to discover. People lived for centuries, so there arose heroes of outstanding insight and skill. 

You’re going to love this book. I read it for the first time in January, and I’ve just finished reading books 2 and 3.

Now Jerry wants to give you a copy for FREE.

Let me tell you about the story. It follows a man who has been enslaved for centuries, oppressed in mind and body. We start on an amazing adventure as he sets out to escape. The story is told realistically, yet always with humor and hope.

The book stands out to me in its portrayal of:

  • A man’s quest for freedom
  • The meaning of friendship
  • The motives of empires and of men

My favorite aspect of the book is its focus on tactical situations, decision-making, and trust. If you enjoy epics in the form of books, films, or games, you will find great value here.

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Readers are excited about this book! Check out this reader review, which I completely agree with:

Dave Laumann writes:

As a long-time fantasy reader, I have enjoyed this book nearly as much as LotR. The setting is unbeatable, and Jerry’s writing is imbued with a natural yet enjoyable tension, even on the 2nd or 3rd read. Jerry’s intro to the book on this site’s home page is spot on. This story has all of the right stuff, every chapter enjoyable & surprising, with a lot of wisdom & experience thrown in. If you like the books & characters he’s mentioned in the intro, you’ll love this book… and the many to follow!

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Help Me Make a New Blog Advertisement

Learning to See




For only $5 I went to Fiverr and bought his little ad!

So cool.

I’d like to put it on some other Christian blogs and Facebook.

What do you think? Does it…
-Catch your eye?
-Match my branding?
-Make you want to click?

How should I improve it?

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You’re Invited to: “How to Change the World”


I hope you’ll check out “How to Change the World.”

This is a “forum to book” project. It’s a chance for you to ask questions and offer insights that will go into a short book I’m creating.

I’ve set up a forum for this at Quora, a discussion website. The forum is ready to go right now. For each chapter of my book I’ve outlined some main points and posed some related questions.

I’d like you to check out what I have so far and tell me what you think. What insights do you have on the topic? What questions will the book need to address?

This is a fun way to take our interaction deeper and to create something useful. Anyone is welcome to participate, and I hope you’ll invite friends who might be interested.

The project will become a short guide-book for me and a new network of Christian bloggers who are interested in Individualism. The book will discuss some worldview basics, including:

  • Does God want blind faith? Reasoned faith? What is the relation of faith and reason?
  • Why does God tell us to follow him? What should a Christian’s motivation be?
  • Is there a distinctly Christian view of society? Rights? Government?

Feel free to ask if you need more details.

See you there!