We were scared. We chose the man we thought could win, not the one we thought should win.

After seeing the electoral process, are you dismayed at the direction our country is headed? Why do anti-Christian people dominate our country? Why do they succeed in elections? What does that say about our political process?

Moreover—what does it say about the people of the nation, and even its Christians? Not good.

I see the decay of our country and its leadership as a cause for great concern, for there has rarely or never been a nation such as the United States, a nation that recognizes and protects the right of the individual to his own life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness. These virtues are now dead or dying within the country.

But I do have hope for America as a nation. In fact, though the problem is worse that we imagine, it is also more solvable than we know.

It’s worse than we imagine: In essence, it’s not a problem with our leaders. Unjust men and women cannot rise to power except if they be lifted by an unjust citizenry.

The biggest problem in American politics is not that the politicians are corrupted (though they often are). The biggest problem is that we the people of America have rejected loyalty to God and to the principle of liberty. The problem is us. On the whole, we do not love God, nor do we love his righteous ways.

It is a heart problem. Yet because the problem is our hearts, I have hope. The solution is to be found in the changing of our hearts. And yes, we do have a God who listens to prayer and who changes both hearts and history when his people pray.

I believe there will come a time when the majority of Americans again take a stand for the individual’s right to his own life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness—a stand for the righteous principles upheld by our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

That day, the majority of Americans will no longer tolerate the killing of the unborn. The majority will no longer tolerate the systematic theft and oppression brought by overbearing schemes of regulation, taxation, and redistribution.

We will stop trying to force others to affirm one belief or another, and we will respect the right of every mind to think and every mouth to speak. In short, there will come a time when we see the error of our ways. We will learn that, in seeking to dominate one another, we have only harmed everyone—ourselves included.

The day that the majority of American people stop wishing to do evil things to one another, that will be the day wicked rulers begin to lose their power.

Is this a dream? There was once a dream that was America. Let it be again.