No, it is not a simple choice.

But if you think through the deeper issues, there is a clear answer. Last week I shared seven top articles on the GOP’s crisis. This week I have seven more. These are worth your time. They are also worth sharing.

Jeremy Boreing (The Daily Wire)
“With Trump as the president, usurping the party of Lincoln with his own nationalist brand, our movement will continue to devolve into a European-style, big government, protectionist nationalist party with no regard for the values of our God or our founding. We will become another party of the decline.”

Daniel Pipes (Philadelphia Inquirer)
“For the Republican Party to recover its soul, Trump needs to be thumped in November. Purged of his influence, the party of Lincoln and Reagan can rebuild.”

The Editorial Board of the Washington Post
“The U.S. democratic system is strong and has proved resilient when it has been tested before. We have faith in it. But to elect Mr. Trump would be to knowingly subject it to threat.”

Josh Blackman (National Review)
“The glue that holds our Republic together is the separation of powers — something the presumptive Republican nominee seems utterly unconcerned with.”

Ian Tuttle (National Review)
“Weighed in balance, Donald Trump could be more of a threat to the Constitution than a Hillary Clinton-appointed Supreme Court liberal majority.”

John Mark N. Reynolds (Patheos)
“If we back the man who is proud, sexist, racist, libertine, a lover of money, then we will lose the right to say ‘character counts’ forever.”

Harry Binswanger (HBL)
“Trump as president could damage America much more than Hillary ever could. It’s not only the practical disasters he can visit upon us, a Trump victory would carry and amplify a lethal philosophic message: Don’t think, just trust in a strongman.”